Which Country Has The Most Eco Friendly Beaches

With the rising problems related to our environment, a lot of countries have tried to extra hard to ensure they conserve the environment. Efforts in preserving the environment have been applied in plenty of areas like forests, oceans, lakes, and even beaches.

One of the eco-friendliest countries in the world is Finland. Its green status is as a result to culture green lifestyle which extend to their beaches. For more about Finland eco-friendly beaches, check out the post right here:

1. Nallikari Beach (Oulu)


Just 3 kilometers shy of the center of Oulu, Nallikari beach is shallow and has plenty of space for playing the sand and sunbathing. The short distance allows for cycling alongside other activities can be found on the beach during active beach days like tennis and pedal cars.

2. Yyteri Beach (Pori)

Yyteri Beach is 6 kilometers long and has an extensive dune area. The beach is part of a nature reserve and has a separate naturist beach.

There are plenty of activities to get into at the beach other than swimming like windsurfing, water sports and you can rent SUP boards or skimboards.

3. Bellevue Beach (Hanko)

This beach is located just 2 kilometers from Hanko. It has a long 1.5-kilometer sand and dune area. The beach is culturally and scenically beautiful to behold. The beach also has full-day sun exposure, and the waters are quite warm.

4. Hietaniemi Beach (Helsinki)


Hietaniemi beach is one of the best beaches to enjoy a warm sunny day. The beach is located in Töölö area right inside Helsinki. There are excellent facilities, like beach volleyball, weight lifting, and free weights. The beach also hosts other events like concerts during the summer.

5. Pyynikki Beach (Tampere)

It’s a small beach of 300 meters length. The beautiful beach is near the Pyynikki Nature Reserve and is made up of the western area and the eastern area.

The beach is furnished with toilets, kiosk, toys for children and dressing rooms.


Finland has an untouched and pristine nature and is a result of deep-rooted commitment to keep their environment clean. The country’s ability to leave a low ecological footprint has made Finland’s beaches one of the best tourist attractions in the world.