Where to Recycle Metal in Arizona

Keeping your home beautiful is about going the extra mile in tiding it, including doing away with all the scrap metals. Many homes have their backyards filled with heaps of scrap metals, some of which they no longer need.

These include metal trash bins, old lamps, wheelbarrows to even wrecked cars. But what are you doing to get rid of all this junk? Fortunately, metals are among the few products that can be recycled over and over again without losing their quality. Well, below are some ideal places to recycle your scrap metals or dispose of them for money.

1. Deer Valley Recycling Center

Recycling is paramount for both the environment and the economy. Going forward, scarcity of resources, impact on the environment and continued advances in technology suggest that recycling might become the highest contributor of raw materials soon.


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the Deer Valley Recycling center is a non-ferrous metal recycling and roll off container Rental Corporation. It recycles all types of copper, aluminum, brass, and steel materials. So if you’re a resident of Arizona looking to recycle metals, then this is one great plant you can visit.

2. La Borregas Recycling

LA Borregas Recycling is a privately owned business in Phoenix, Arizona. It mainly deals with wholesale scrap metal processing and recycling. Further, current estimates suggest that the firm has annual revenue of about $20 million and highly experienced employees.

So if you were worried of misappropriations, then this is a legitimate firm you can trust. It is a leading buyer of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is always committed to paying top dollar for all of your unwanted metals.

3. We Buy Scrap Arizona

This leading recycling company and scrap metal yard in Arizona has three locations to ensure everyone gets served well and to satisfaction. It specializes in buying and recycling scrap metals of all types, shapes, and sizes.
Metal Garbage
It is also equipped with the necessary machinery to handle both commercial scrap metal salvage and few household commodities. Besides, it is a very reputable company that offers unbeatable prices.

4. Valley Scrap Dealers, Arizona

A 5-star service provider, this arizona metal recycling plant is also a junk removal and hauling company servicing the entire Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas. From household items to office equipment, they are always willing to take them all.

Whether you need a little help loading and unloading your junk, or want a top-quality team to handle the entire process, you can trust Valley Scrap Dealers to handle whatever you need.

5. PMT, Phoenix Metal Trading Center

PMT trading center specializes in buying and recycling scrap metals of precisely all types. They are conveniently located near the I-10 and I-17 streets in Phoenix. What’s even unique about them is that they offer the latest metal prices to ensure you get the most for your metals. They also have a fleet of trucks so that you won’t have challenges getting them to their premises.

Man Recycling

You do not have to dispose of your old valuable item to think about the recyclability of your junk. Things like pots, pans, silverware, patio furniture, and electronics all have some recyclable metals. Metal recycling centers are willing to pay you well for any appliance you bring in; from soda cans to your old water heaters. You can, therefore, expect some cash for any of your old junk. Besides, metal is too valuable to be thrown away.