What Stretches To Do Before And After Running

If you are preparing for your mileage, you most definitely know that what to do after and before a run is as vital as the run itself. Whether you are on training for some spring run or you want to make your runs much better, you must make stretching a habit.

Stretches to Do Before a Run

Heel flicks.

This exercise involves jogging forwards at a slow pace as you stretch your knee up till it’s in line with your hips, then taking your legs slowly downwards to touch your bottom.


You can as well accelerate the speed, but make sure you do not engage beyond the moderate pace. You should also incorporate some lunges, high knees, and power skips to warm up your lower body muscles. You can Read More Here

Power skips.

While jogging, try skipping as high as possible targeting on the highest jump you can on each skip. Move one knee as high as possible with each jump, then lift your opposite arm on the knee up as well.

Concentrate on making the skip as high as possible as opposed to accelerating the jogging speed while keeping the skip smooth.

Stretches to Do After a Run

Stretch your quads.

Quads are very important when relaxing your body muscles. First, stand on one foot and hold your ankle against your bottom with a single hand. Hold still for around twenty seconds, then switch up to the next leg.

Stretch your hamstring.

The muscle located on the back of the thigh gets very tensed when running, and it requires some stretching. Try touching your toes while seated or standing with your legs fully outstretched. Try reaching your foot with the right arm then switch up to the next arm.

Exhausted runner resting on the beach after exercise

For you to prevent unnecessary injuries and ensure that you run with ease, engage in some full-body warmups before beginning your race, and some post-run stretches at all times. It’s essential also to perform the stretches listed above to ease any muscles that are feeling tense.