What Is The Florida Condominium Act

If you buy a condominium in Florida with no prior knowledge of the laws behind it, then you’ll be taking a risky venture that can affect you physically, financially, and emotionally.

Once you find yourself on the wrong side with the condominium act, then it’ll be late and hard to protect yourself. Besides, doing so will require you to spend a lot of money. Thus, you should never buy a Florida condominium without knowing how the condominium laws work.

Florida Condominium act


The Florida condominium act refers to the laws and bylaws that control the location, execution, and acknowledgement of the land in Florida. Also, the documents come with bylaws and rules and regulation, which governs the use and sale of condominiums.

The Bureau of Condominiums

The bureau for condominiums is a state department that oversees problems that usually result from Florida’s condos. Most people who have a problem in the US with Florida condominiums consult the Ombudsman, who always refers them to the bureau of condominiums.

However, the department is of less use and value to the citizens; most times, their employees act like they have power, but in reality, they don’t.

Usually, when you file a complaint to the department, they’ll advise you to call a lawyer or file for arbitration. Now, if you decide to go the arbitration way, then chances are you’ll fail considering the complicated paperwork that the process involves. Also, if you mess a little with the paperwork, then there are high chances your case will not reach the arbitrator!


The state also qualifies only some issues as arbitrary. So, if your case doesn’t fit into the category, then you’ll have to file a lawsuit. Going to the lawyer, on the other hand, seems the right decision but a costly venture. But if you have money and you want a better solution to your condominium case, then lawyers are better trying.

Condominiums purchases can cost you a lot if you are not aware of the laws governing them. It’s therefore important to familiarize yourself with florida condo law before you buy a condominium.