Top 5 Road Trip Destinations In The Usa

Occasional road trips are great for breaking the monotony, changing the environment, and creating new memories with your loved ones. Several roads in the USA provide the best road trip experience for travelers headed to different destinations.

Below is a compilation the Top 5 Road Trip Destinations in the USA.

1. Oregon: The Historic Columbia River Highway


The 74-mile highway outside of Portland, Oregon gives you the best view of rivers, bridges, amazing waterfalls, and mountains. You can cover the entire trip 2-3 days depending on your preference. If you love wildlife, you should check it out from the vistas along the road. Lodges and campsite where you can spend the night at an affordable price are found along the road.

2. Middle America: Route 66

Route 66 is one of the most popular and iconic roads in cutting across Middle America. A road trip on this iconic road will give you an exclusive historical experience.

At approximately 2,500 miles, the road runs from Chicago, Illinois all the way to Los Angeles. The best stretch of the iconic route is in New Mexico and Arizona at the point where Americana and history collide.

3. New Hampshire: Mount Washington Auto Road

Getting to the top of the Mount Washington Road, you will need to cover a stretch of seven-and-a-half-miles. The weather and cloud patterns at the mountain’s peak are prone to change to give a breathtaking view of the sky rapidly.check this site out if you want to learn new interests things. A fee of $28 is charged to allow you to make the single day trip to and fro. You can visit the destination during winter when the weather is friendlier.

4. Florida: U.S. Route 1

Road trip

The adventurous road stretches from Maine all the way to the Florida Keys. The trip covers approximately 545 miles, which may be comfortably covered in 2-3 days. The trip offers great exclusive coastline views in addition to an extended trip over the ocean. Feel free to check on your next trip to Florida.

5. California: Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway covers an iconic 590 miles on the West Coast. The road links the great cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Along the trip, you will get Mexican food, surfing spots, and world-class beaches. The trip takes approximately one week, but you are free to extend more days to enjoy your time in these cities

You can start by visiting the nearest road trip destination closest to your locale. With time, you can comfortably check out the other great road trip destinations in the USA.