Six Steps to Super Interior Yacht Detailing

A superyacht is quite inexpensive and the luxury of owning it comes with the urge of it always being spotless and have an appealing glare on it. The yacht crew has to put tireless effort to ensure this is achieved at all times as they work on board. The yacht is perfection but still, its gleam needs to shine like the dazzling rays of the Sun..

The yacht needs an intensive clean from time to time to make sure the luxury and comfort of it come with tip-top condition. The caretaker or chief steward is in the mandate to make sure this is attained at all times and no complains are made by either the owner or the ones renting it.

This is a top class toy and its class comes with high expectations that have not only to be met but exceeded not just once but always becoming more than usual.


Whats is yacht detailing? This is the art of ensuring the yacht is clean and by clean it’s thoroughly clean by disinfection, wash down and steam clean n each and every detail of its surface. Apart from the clean, rearrangement of items on board has also be done professionally at all times.

Six Steps to Super Interior Yacht Detailing

Here are 6 steps to guide you through it:

Before getting started on the job it’s always advisable to have all that you need be it equipment and detergents that you need in place. This will save you the hustle and bustle of having to move from place fetching. Once you have everything you need in place adhere to the following steps:

1.Eliminate dust

Dusting should always be done from the top to the bottom areas. As you dust if there are things that are edible you should cover them properly or have them placed in an area where they will be dust free.

Use a soft brush to dust and leave no area unattended.After thorough dusting of all interior surfaces on board vacuum clean to get rid of the dust for good.

2.wipe all surfaces

This requires you to have a damp cloth preferable of microfiber material. The dampness can be of vinegar solution but this depends on the surface of the interior decor. Work from up going done and its important to note that this should only be done after you have done a vacuum cleaner.

The essence of it is that you wipe surfaces to just collect the remaining dust particles on the surface and refresh them. As you wipe you will also be disinfecting the surfaces leaving them completely clean but only if you use a disinfectant which you should.

3.Finer detail

As now you have already done the dusting and wiping of each surface of the yacht you might want to do an extra round of cleaning just to see the sparkle shine on it. Take the extra mile and be wise as you certainly want the owner, as well as the client using the yachts expectation on the clean up, exceeded and go through again.


Going through will ensure that if there are spots that you left unattended they are now taken care of. This finer detail should be done just like the first and second step (dusting and wiping). finally, as you are done with the cleaning ensure that all the items are well placed as they were as before and if they were not well arranged take the responsibility for it.

4. Get to the floorboards

A steward either hired or fully employed on the yacht is to make sure that the flooring as eats as a button. This is to be done by use of the right detergents and equipment. The essence of keeping the floorboard clean is not only in its shine but also helps to keep the yacht well arranged.


As the yacht is a luxury, there should be no excuse of missing an item on board. It should be fully stocked and replenished as regular as possible. The steward should go through the yacht from the bathroom, bar, laundry and guest compendiums have a check on what is missing and refill them.


Restocking should be the orderly way and all the refills should be placed at their required place as this makes sure that guests do not complain of mix-ups.

6.Final round check

As you finally completed the detailing, you can now go through the yacht from the cabin to the tail to ensure that the job has been perfectly done. Go through the floor as well as the glass and mirrors. You do not want the client to complain about unattended issues hence do this to ensure that you create the value of the client’s money.