Safeguarding Children and Young People

Children and young people are a vulnerable category of people in the society. There have been so many cases of children mistreatment and abuse beginning from the family unit and extending to the society. Instances like physical violence, sexual violence, drug trafficking and child trafficking have resulted in death. Safeguarding them against these abuses is important to ensure their physical, mental, social and psychological growth is positive. Physical violence can be by parents who overly discipline children through corporal punishment and can lead to wounds. Sometimes children can be threatened using knives, firearms, thorough beating and kicking. Such parents should be reported to the nearest police station or to any children’s welfare office or organization for safety purposes.

Safeguarding-ChildrenSexual violence leads to a terrible psychological effect to young people and children and makes their self-esteem go down. This can lead to children dropping out of school or performing poorly. It is important to educate them on sexual life according to their age placing and teach them how to protect themselves in the event of sexual violence. Self-defensive mechanisms as basic as screaming for help and tactfully retaliating lessons should be given to the children. To begin with, the young people should be advised not to speak, follow or accept any gifts from strangers because this is the commonest method of luring them. Walking on lonely paths alone and wearing skimpy clothes should be discouraged by parents, guardians and teachers to ensure the children are safe from sexual violence traps.

Safeguarding-ChildrenDrug abuse and trafficking has been a common practice and young people and children are being used by both known and unsuspecting people to peddle drugs. Drugs are dangerous for human health and children who begin consuming them at an early age become, rowdy, irresponsible and indulge in various crimes like robbery and carjacking. Educating them on the importance of maintaining good health from staying away from any drugs makes them responsible adults. They should be told to report any person attempting to sell drugs to them or use them as peddlers to their parents or the authorities.

Children trafficking is done worldwide. This poses a high risk to children especially when they are on their own. Children are taken to other places to work as laborers. Sometimes they are lured by small gifts, sweets and lifts or kidnapped by strangers. While at it, those who resist may be tortured for being uncooperative and some may lose their life in the process. Young people and children should be informed on staying safe at all times whether at home or in school. Using shortcuts and other routes to go home should be discouraged. They should be encouraged to always walk in groups of four or five because most traffickers rarely target such huge gatherings. Taking lifts from people they do not know, gifts and confectionery should be forbidden. In case of an attempt, to be kidnapped by people using a vehicle, inform children to try and cram the number plate, this will be of importance in helping to track the criminals.