Parents and Carers

Parents and carers are among the people with the most difficult jobs. Their tasks are overwhelming and sometimes it can be very challenging and rewarding. Carers and parents need to undergo the necessary training to prepare them for what to expect ahead and how to handle the challenges that come with bringing up children.

Family settings vary so do the patterns of family life. It is important to note that no one is perfect in raising children and in case of mis-happenings, knowing how to cope and manage is essential to avoid falling into depression. Good parenting is the basis of upbringing children in a proper way. Providing them with their basic needs, being loving, warm and caring to them, keeping them safe from harm, giving all the support needed for their physical, mental, psychological and social development is a way of making them exploit their potential, talents, skills and abilities. Giving them a stable environment and consistent boundaries will help as well.

Parents and CarersParenting has its downhill moments. Parents and carers should be fully supported and guided. Asking for help or advice shouldn’t imply failing as a parent but a way of being responsible. Nobody experiences problems because no one is perfect. Things go wrong for all people. The way you handle the challenges and problems as a parent or carer will determine how the children will turn out. The decisions we make as parents directly affect the children either positively or negatively. To make the parenting journey less stressful and rewarding, there are a few things you need to do.

It is important that parents and carers maintain good physical and mental health in order to take good care of the children. In this manner, they will be able to fully provide for children, support, love and care for them. This should be done by eating a balanced diet regularly, good physical exercise from time to time, maintaining positive and healthy relationships and developing personal interests.

When maintaining healthy relationships, parents need to respectfully, openly and regularly communicate their feelings especially if it involves the children. They should seek and accept positive support from other people if they want to try something new. It will be generous if the parents too offer it to other carers.

Parents and CarersParents and carers should learn how to recognize the signs of stress and know how to handle things. Stress can be experienced both mentally and physically and that is why stress management is important. Among parents, this can be due to changes in results, overloads of work, relationships or the family.

Practicing relaxation is among the ways of managing stress. This can be done by deep breathing, getting calm and drifting into imagination. Parents should learn how to reflect on thoughts and this allows you to think through the situation and this makes coping simpler and quicker. Developing problem solving skills makes you feel in control of the situation and reduces the chances of making you feel overwhelmed and get possible solutions to the problem.