Metabolism 101: Morning Workout and Nutrition Tips to Speed up Your Metabolism

There are a number of factors that can cause a person’s metabolism to slow down. For some, it’s poor eating habits, for others it’s the lack of exercise, and for some it’s a sedentary lifestyle, or a mix of all of the above. The fact that many of us are still in lockdown due to COVID-19 doesn’t help either as less socializing means more time spent in front of our screens.

Fortunately, there are ways to speed up your metabolic rate and increase your fat-burning potential even if you’re working out at home. Below, six nutrition and morning workout tips to follow that will help boost your metabolism in no time.

Add intensity to your morning workout session

There’s a reason why so many successful people prefer to workout early in the morning when everyone else is still asleep. By the time you start working, you’re fully awake and ready to tackle your daily duties with more energy.

Plus, it’s much easier to get yourself to work out when you’ve just had a good night’s rest than after a tiring 8-hour shift, and you’re likely to burn more calories than at any other time of the day. If you add intensity to your morning workout session and push your limits even further, you’ll be burning even more calories during the day.


Vary your exercises

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut after repeating the same exercises and moves you’ve done before. Chances are, it’ll get boring after a while, and therefore, it’ll become more tempting to just skip exercising altogether.

As your strength and stamina improve, try to introduce more challenging exercises to really push yourself. Doing so will increase the number of calories you burn and give a significant boost to your metabolism.

Stimulate your metabolism with breakfast

Although it might be tempting, skipping breakfast will only do you more harm than good. No matter how hectic your schedule, you should always make time for a balanced breakfast. To make sure you don’t reach for the wrong foods or skip it altogether, consider making your breakfast the night before.

Eating in the morning will help wake your metabolism up and stimulate it. What you eat matters, too, so consider looking up some healthy breakfast ideas so you can shop your groceries in advance and ensure you’re always making a smart choice.


Introduce more protein to your diet

In order for your workouts to provide optimal results, you have to make sure you follow a healthy diet plan and supplement it with necessary vitamins and nutrients. Some people may find it challenging to get enough protein through their diet.

In that case, you want to get your hands on the best weight gain protein powder that will ensure an optimal protein intake. Not only will this help you gain lean mass but it’ll also provide the right support for your metabolism, whether you decide to take it post-workout or between meals.

Eat all day long

This may sound contradictory, but eating more often can actually help improve your metabolism. Instead of eating three large meals, consider splitting them into six smaller portions, combining smaller main meals with healthy snacks.

Fruits, nuts, yogurt, and veggies are great snacks in-between the main meals. Want to use snacks to boost your metabolism even further? Opt for metabolism-boosting foods such as cinnamon, pear, grapefruit, avocado, or sweet potato!


Focus on staying hydrated

Failing to keep your body properly hydrated is not only harmful to your health, but it can also lead you to increase your calorie intake without you noticing. This is because when you feel thirsty, your brain may confuse it for hunger. This causes you to reach for snacks even though a 0-calorie glass of water would do just fine.

Plus, as you begin working out in the morning, you may feel the need to increase your water intake throughout the day. Always have a bottle of water with you, especially during those breaks between workouts and you’ll have no problem staying hydrated.

Wrapping up

Maintaining great physique is a matter of boosting your metabolism and making sure you’re performing to your maximum potential. All it takes is a couple of small lifestyle changes to see the results and start feeling better and more energized. Sticking with regular workouts and healthy nutrition works wonders, and if you successfully combine the two, you’ll look as good as you feel.