How To Teach Your Kids How To Play Golf

One of the EXECUTIVE games that children enjoy playing is Golf. For some time, Golf has been considered as a game for the rich. This should not be the case. Golf is just like any other game which should be enjoyed by anybody with interest.

The best way to go about it is to train your kids before they become grown-ups. Let’s get deep on it one how you can do that:

1. Add fun to the training

This is one of the most effective ways to teach your kids how to play Golf. This is a game, and so it should be more fun. Children are attracted to fun and so as much are you want them to master the whole idea of playing Golf, they should enjoy the entire thing.


Do not make the training too tight with rules. Give the rules one by one and allow the kids to make mistakes. People learn from mistakes. Such an open environment encourages the mastery of the game.

2. Create phases

Golf is played in different stages depending on the age and experience of the golfer. A beginner cannot play it the same way an experienced golfer would do it.

For instance, an older and mature golfer can drive the ball further than a younger golfer. Putting too much expectation on the young golfers to do it as the old ones may discourage him or her. Making faces helps the golfer to start small and build the experience in bits.

3. Provide motivations

Kids are attracted to rewards naturally. You should reward them even when they make an insignificant step. The training cannot be fun and will not stand the test of time if the young golfer is not motivated. He or she will get tired of the whole thing.


As much as Golf is a serious game, you should understand that you are training a kid and so meet their psychological need. For instance, you can always give them some snacks or drinks just after finishing a day’s practice. Believe me, the kid will enjoy everything concerning the game and will learn it very fast.

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