How to Take Care of Your Long Haired Dog

Owning a dog has numerous benefits. It’s great fun, and it’s scientifically proven that having a dog around can boost our mood, communication skills, self-confidence, and even our health. 

Now, ALL dogs are beautiful, but there’s something special about long-haired dogs. All that soft, fluffy fur to cuddle with makes them irresistible. However, this long hair can be very problematic since finding hair everywhere – from the floor and carpet to the table – is not extremely fun. Shedding is what dogs do, and we can’t stop it, but with proper care, we can make our cohabitation less hairy.

Follow these steps to learn how to take care of your long-haired pooch:

Take care of its diet

The same way our skin, hair, and nails tell a story about our health, a dog’s fur reflects its inner state. If your dog’s fur is dry, patched, looks shabby, and sheds excessively, that might be the sign of an unhealthy diet. One of the ways to improve this is by trying to combine store-bought food with a homemade one. It’s good for dogs to eat a home-cooked meal just like it is good for us. So, throw in some meat and veggies (always check which ones are okay for your dog to eat!), and a spoonful of oil, and cook your pooch a delicious meal. 

Everybody to the tub!

All dogs love water – the muddier, the better. Jokes aside, dogs really enjoy taking baths. What you need to remember is that you shouldn’t do it too often—the optimum is once or twice per month. If your dog sleeps with you and is allowed on the couch, but it got really dirty during the walk, it’s okay to give it a bath, but skip the shampoo if it’s not really necessary. This also works during summer, since water is the best way to cool down.

You should wash your dog from top to bottom, and only with a doggy shampoo. Shampoos made for humans can damage your dog’s fur and are too strong for their skin, as they remove the much-needed protective oils.

long haired dog

Brush them good

Brushing is the key. Long-haired dogs should be brushed at least twice a week, with an adequate brush. This has numerous benefits, such as shiny hair, reduced risk of getting ticks, easier dirt removal, and they pawsitivly love it! Find the best kind of brush for your dog and think about buying dog supplies online where you can find a wide variety of products your pup might need — from food to medication and accessories.  Pay special attention to the flea problem of your dog, since they are more prone to them.

Make sure they are safe

The issue with long hair dogs is that at times you cannot notice such dangers as ticks as they can be very well hidden underneath those layers of fur, This is why it is important to take extra care of your dog. Especially if you are a pro owner of a small long haired dog who is closer to the ground, so to say. In that case, opting for Bravecto for a small dog is a great way of protecting your pooch. 

Control shedding

Dogs (just like us) are constantly shedding. However, they tend to shed a lot several times a year, which is almost unbearable, to the point of ‘’don’t even think about wearing those black pants’’. This happens before and after winter, and for some dogs, during summer as well. This natural process serves as their natural way of protection from heat and cold. You can try to make this period a bit easier both on yourself, and your dog by applying some of the previously-mentioned tactics. Another way you can tackle this problem is by getting them a new, fancy haircut. This doesn’t mean you should go for shearing, but shortening can make your pooch’s life easier if it’s hot outside, and there will be less hair around.


Yes, dog hair is a pain in the neck. But, you can follow these several tips and make things easier for bout you and your pooch and will allow you to end your day with some cuddles without stressing over hair that is everywhere. Also, regular vacuuming helps a lot.