How To Keep Your Teenagers Busy At Home

Some handy tips to keep teenagers busy indoors. There is nothing worse than having to sit on the floor in front of the TV or play computer games when you have so much to do with your child at school. Keeping teenagers busy in the early years will ensure they remain interested in school and that they can be introduced to a wider variety of activities.

Introduce games

You may find it useful to introduce games into the mix. Anything that keeps youngsters occupied can help them to feel more active, which will reduce their attention span considerably. Games like hide and seek are great examples of this. They not only make the game easier to play, but they also keep a teenager busy for an hour or two. Introduce new games regularly and support your child’s participation with encouraging words and activities.

Put together a social story-based mini-camp

Another great option is to put together a social story-based mini-camp. This can be an idea for a fun family activity. Here, several youngsters get together once a week for a half-day-long event. The objective is to complete as many story activities as possible while gaining new friends. If the child feels supported and has clear directions, they will enjoy participating.

teenager with skateboard

Write down thoughts

Consider asking your child to write down their thoughts on a given subject. Encourage them to draw cartoons, stories, or just jot down what is on their mind. Another aspect of how to keep teenagers busy at home is to encourage them to read or write a newspaper column. It could be a weekly column or daily summary of current events or issues that are of relevance to them.

Here are some final thoughts on how to keep your children (and yourself) happy and healthy: How to tell if your child is wearing suitable protective clothing. If they are, consider purchasing some different clothes that offer better protection. The same goes if they are not. They may find it useful to wear a dust mask or dust bed if the air quality in their bedroom is poor.

Host a social story night

A further strategy on how to keep your teenagers working at their desks is to host a social story night. This can include activities such as trivia games, movie nights, singing competitions, or even a craft project. If you are hosting a social story night regularly, then your children will see that you value their input. They will learn the importance of teamwork and social interaction and may even think about following in your footsteps.


Here is a quick strategy on how to keep your teenagers working. Make sure you get in more study time. Studying will help them improve their grades when it comes to their university applications and this could mean they will be awarded their grades faster. It may even mean they get rewarded for good grades with treats at school. Also, keep them working at their computers for longer periods, as the more they are exposed to internet content, the more easily they can pick up a computer virus or become confused by pop-ups.