How to get started with Lightroom CC

For all photographers, a Lightroom is a necessary tool. It helps a photographer to integrate his or her fieldwork perfectly. However, unlike other devices, Lightroom is not an application you download and immediately start to use. With it, there is a need for the beginners to take time and learn what Lightroom CC is and what it does. However, with its wide variety of videos and offered courses, it turns overwhelming for the users.

With this consideration, we discuss steps you can take as a beginner to learn about Lightroom CC easily. These include;

1. Download and install the app

When it comes to downloading the app, consider visiting where you can access Lightroom CC. Click on download the app.


However, you can decide to select between the free lightroom presets and premium version. The free version is better for free trials but have low quality services.

2. Understand Lightroom Layout

If you want to use the app correctly, you need to learn more about its layout. When you understand where all tools locate and how to access them, the use of the app becomes quick and straightforward.

And this saves you time wastage and enhances on efficient flow of work as well as enhanced quality.

3. Add Pictures to the Library

You can consider adding photos to the library from your mobile phone camera folder, desktop or from the web. At the top left of the screen, click on add photos. From there, you can consider making a selection of the folder of choice from an external source or from within your computer.


By clicking on, “review for import,” it displays all photos in the selected folder. After this, click on “add to the album,” name the new album and click on create. To finish the process, click on “Add Photos” on the top right side of the page. All photos will get uploaded to the library automatically.

4. Learn to Work and organize the images using the interface

When using Lightroom CC, it makes everything accessible under one screen. You can use the left hand options to view your photos sorted as per the date of uploading. Also, on top is a search box you can use to find pictures from the files.

To filter photos based on their properties, you can consider the refine search icon for this purpose. There is a share icon that enables sharing of photos at social media platforms.

You can also use the edit icon to the right to adjust the interface color, refining details, fixing the perspective in the photos. It also has crop tools you can use for straightening and cropping of your photos. Other devices include healing brush, the brush, and radial gradient and linear gradient use for trimming and sized photos. The three dots helps you access keywords panel. To make use of the preset panel, consider clicking on “presets” icon.


Getting started with Lightroom CC calls for attention fro the users. Consider learning which version works best for your computer before downloading the app. Also, discover all the details of the app before you start using Lightroom CC. At Adobe’s you will find a variety of their Lightroom CC lessons. Visit their website for a chance to learn more about their services.