How To Choose The Right Headgear For Wrestling

Wrestling is just like any other sporting activity that requires exercises. It is a daunting contact sport whereby you must bring down your contender. Even though many people doubt their capabilities, it is not a hard thing to do. People who engage in wrestling get accorded with respect. The community today have the notion that people who wrestle will always want to look for trouble.

This is because they are well acquainted with the moves to counter their opponents. What many fail to understand is, besides the sport itself, rules, regulations and the discipline come in handy while in wrestling. In fact, this is the place where you will learn the live values such as humility.

For you to fully understand the concept of the sport, laborious exercises come in handy. Besides the common notion of exhibiting a patronizing character, wrestling is the perfect platform to keep fit.

It is preferred to other gaming activities since it instills resilience and makes you handy. However, as a player, there are higher chances of getting injured on your head, ears and face. Thus, if you want to perfect your skills in wrestling, you need to have a strong headgear to protect you. Below is the strategy to use when choosing the right headgear for wrestling.

1. Fit

It is not just about wearing a headgear. You should choose a headgear that is protective, comfortable and that which aid your performance. Hence, headgears feature two sizes.


The youth and the adult. A fitting headgear is the first measure of competency when wrestling. Thus, to get the perfect fit, measuring for wrestling headgear is the way to go. Even though most models are a perfect fit for all, having a headgear that is personally made for you is fantastic. You can easily adjust to your comfort.

2. Material

The make of the headgear determines how safe you are. The material used should offer protection and comfort needed during the combat. There are different materials used to design the headgear. There is the softshell which features a polymer cloth-like fabric.

The material is soft and will protect both you and your opponent. It is highly preferred by young wrestlers since it is comfortable.

Also, there is the hard-shell headgear. It is light and composed of durable plastic. It features opening that is a fit for the ears for improved hearing.

3. Straps

Another factor to consider while buying a wrestling headgear is the straps. Straps are the links that get secured around the ears and to the chin to keep the headgear in place. It is recommended for the headgear to have more than five straps.


With multiple straps, the more secure the gear is and thus keeps you free from injuries. If the gear is not well secured, it may rub against the ears and may cause a condition known as cauliflower ear.

When choosing a headgear, ensure that it encompasses all the above features. The more fitting and secure the gear is, the more comfortable it gets — also, the chances of you getting compromised while wrestling is limited.