How To Be A Mindful Traveler

Have you ever looked at everything around you and imagined how great they are? Undeniably, Mother Nature has a lot to offer and regardless of how busy you are, it’s recommendable to get out of your comfort zone and travel the world. Besides being fun, traveling enriches your body, mind, and soul. Unfortunately, traveling takes a toll on your wellness and energy not to forget your bank account.

If you want to improve what you get out of your travels, use your mindfulness and here is how to be a mindful traveler.

Talk to locals

When traveling to a new place, chances are that everyone around you becomes a stranger. If you want to become a mindful traveler, the first thing you need to do is to know at least one person in the place you’re planning to travel to.



For instance, homestay accommodation can give you an opportunity to stay with someone familiar with the place and they are likely to tell you everything you need to know from history and eateries to the best places to visit.

Slow down

When traveling out of the country for the first time, people are so excited and the only thing that runs through their mind is to rush from one tourist attraction to another. Even though that sounds like a good idea, it will make it difficult for you to focus your experience on each of them and by the time you get back home, you’ll have nothing to remember.

A mindful traveler takes things slowly; plan ahead on the places to visit, accommodation and what to eat and by how long you intend to stay in a specific place.

Use your senses

The only way you can enjoy your present moment is by focusing, not only with what you are thinking about but also what you’re experiencing with your five senses. When you visit new places, your objective would always be to see the glimmer of sunshine by the ocean, listen to voices speaking foreign languages, smell the salty air, taste the spicy curry and feel the cobblestones below your shoes.

France, Paris, Happy young woman with flying pidgeons at Arc de Triomphe

Basically, the impression of your senses will linger as memories many years to come. If you’d like to know more about this topic, check out this article on and make a difference in your future travels.

Put your camera away

When planning to travel the world, one of the most important items you pack is your camera. However, if you want to become a mindful traveler, lean to put yourr camera away. And for what reasons? Well, living your life through a lens has been proven to distract you from absorbing everything you see. You can carry your camera, take a few shots and then put it back in its case and spend double that time viewing scenery with your eyes.