Fun Things to Do with Your Best Friend In Dallas

Do you want to have some funs with your best friend? Dallas has a hundred things just waiting for you. You and your friends will have an amazing time that you will regret not having enough time to enjoy what the place has in store for you.

You want to get away from the usual work, school or any other engagement that occupies your time during the week? Set your vacation or holiday with your best friends to explore Dallas to your best of your abilities. Here are some of the fun things that you and your friends can enjoy in Dallas:


The park is popular for its space and facilities to host particular runs and events. It is endowed with a natural area filled with wildlife that is at the heart of an urban setting. There many events that you and your best friends can indulge in. For starters, you can canoe and kayak and enjoy paddling around the lake.

There is a 9.33-mile stretch that is suitable for bike and hiking trails. It has got ample place for a picnic, dog parks, wetlands and plenty of space for outdoor fun.


Probably most of your friends are used to mediocre delis and fast foods in the course of the week. The Father of Southwestern Cuisine will give you and your best friend a different experience. The larger-than-life chef specializes in preparing to give the traditional food a twist making it delicious and with unique flavor pairings.

For instance, you and your best friends can enjoy chicken-friend Maine lobster, maple-black peppercorn buffalo or the sirloin of a grilled antelope. The treat you get in the restaurant is one that will be memorable and one to look forward to in the next visit to Dallas.


On Thursdays, these underrated botanical gardens become a home for the “Coll Thursdays Concerts.” A wide range of musical genres is played on these grounds live.

dallas garden arboretum

Moreover, the 70s and 80s gnarly bands assemble here for a performance. Adults pay $30 for a ticket for the evening gigs that comes in handy to give you access to these beautiful botanical gardens. You can take your best friends here to enjoy the environment itself and the live performance.


In the past, people could not comprehend being locked in a room with strangers. However, in the recent past, the escape room have become popular, and people pay to play the games. As a suggestion, you could take your best friends and be locked in different rooms and enjoy the fun of solving different puzzles.

You can enjoy the experience with different strangers, and then you can spend your evening narrating to each other how the teams that every best friend of yours was with solved these puzzles. However, it is depended on you and your best friends to chose the designs for the games you are going to quirky games you are going to play.


The place is one of the coolest where you can spend the weekend with your friends. You can’t tell for certain what you will do when you get there. There are lots of events taking place at one given time. Café Salsera will be handy for those who love dancing to salsa, speakeasy at Truth and Alibi to enjoying the view of the skyline while drinking at Stirr, a rooftop bar. There is a myriad of activities going on in the Deep Ellum in one single night.

The most interesting part about Dallas is that it has different cites that would be for fun for you and your friends. If you are looking for activities like bike riding, canoeing, and hiking that foster bonding for friends, Dallas is the place to be. Research on what the place offers and go for the best ones that will be fun and more fun for you and your friends.