Fun Family-Friendly Activities in the Village

A Tahoe vacation is an ideal time for your family to get together and have fun activities, make new friends and experience a range of exciting outdoor recreation. But, if you and your family cannot spend a week or two in the wilderness, you might want to consider family activities in the village. Some areas of the Tahoe area have spectacular scenery that makes them ideal for many different types of outdoor activities, but some areas are family-friendly and accessible to those with young children. In addition, some places are less crowded than others. Here are some of the best Tahoe activities for kids.

For the best variety of Tahoe accommodations, head to one of the resorts or Tahoe lodges, which generally offer more than room rates. If you choose, you can even reserve a room for as little as $30 per night. But, room rates and room options vary from location to location. For example, Fairmount Tahoe offers room rates at Fairmount Lodge that are half off on weekends. This is the perfect place for families looking to travel in style!

Another thing to keep in mind is that lodging is available at a small price compared to the Tahoe attractions, but you do not get all-inclusive vacation packages. Rooms can be shared with other guests and amenities such as Jacuzzis and room service are sometimes included. However, most lodges and resorts will require payment upfront for access to these special features. This is another advantage of staying in the village rather than Fairmont or Tahoe condos, where indoor activities are often included for an extra fee.

There are also numerous activities in the village that are more suited for adults. Many of these include biking, hiking, rock climbing, boating, skiing, hiking, and hunting. But, if you enjoy the outdoors, outdoor activities are available throughout the year at various levels of difficulty. Some of these include camping, cabin rentals, hiking trails, fishing, mountain biking, indoor activities, mountain waterfalls, and horseback riding.

family hiking


The other popular activity is hiking. Summer is the prime hiking season in Fairmount, especially near the trailheads for the trails mentioned above. There is an abundance of summer camps located right in the village, which can make for wonderful vacations for kids. Just make sure you choose the right shoes for toddlers and older children. As well, the summer camps offer many other activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, foreign language classes, sports and games, and horseback riding.

Mountain biking

If you are looking for something a bit more strenuous, mountain biking is the perfect solution. Mountain biking trails are located all throughout Fairmount and connect to the popular Mid-Mountain Trail. The most popular trailheads are located near the gondola, the forest canopy, and the village of Fairmount.


Another popular family activity in the village is tubing. Tubing is available at various locations but most people enjoy it at the Wisconsin Lakes. tubing trips can be very expensive, however, due to the popularity of the trails, additional daycare services are available for those willing to spend a bit more. tubing in the woods is also available and offers an excellent biking experience.

family biking


Fishing is another favorite family activity in the summer months. Lake Garda, situated on the southwest side of Fairmount, offers a beautiful lake with plenty of trout and salmon. The waters are very clear and are home to many fishermen looking for their catch. The summer months are particularly busy for fishermen as the summer storms approach. Lake Garda is also home to several paddle boats which offer an even better fishing experience. Paddle boating is much more affordable during the summer months.


Fairmount Village offers a large skating rink for skating children and adults. It is open from May through September and during this time, the skating rinks are very packed. Skating is an inexpensive activity that provides many benefits. Family activities in the village include both ice skating and roller skating, making it possible to spend a wonderful summer day in the village.

For those wishing to spend some quality family time at a fair, try the Village Arts and Crafts Center on weekends. Located on the northwest corner of Fairmount Park, the center features not only crafts and exhibits, but also live music and entertainment. Family activities in the village include boat rides, walks, nature trails, and bicycling. Fairmount Park also offers a shuttle service to and from the arena.