From Preschoolers to Teenagers: Keep Your Child’s Closet Organized

Kids will be kids, which means that helping them learn the importance of organization and tidiness is definitely going to be a more challenging and longer process. In that respect, the best way you, as a parent, can effectively deal with closet organization and encourage the kids to keep things neat and organized is to have a proper system that will also stick with your kids, regardless of whether they’re preschoolers, teens, or somewhere in between.

Storage requirements change with age

When you’re first looking for an actual closet for your kid’s room, keep in mind that the best possible deal will effectively take care of their storage needs for years to come. In that respect, you want a proper storage area that can easily accommodate baby diapers and essentials, but also toddler’s and preschooler’s toys all the way to gadgets and other entertainment/hobby items of a teenager. Basically, storage in one’s closet won’t only be used for clothes, which is precisely why you need to think in advance when choosing the best closet design.

Use adjustable rods and closed drawers

As mentioned, the needs of your children will change as they grow up, even when it comes to something as simple as clothing organization. That said, you can easily make the most out of the two most practical closet items, which include adjustable hanging rods and closed drawers. With adjustable hanging rods, both you and your kids can set up the closet design in a way that suits the kids’ current needs the best. Also, closed drawers are ideal for storing items such as underwear and other bits and bobs that can otherwise create a mess. Even if your closet doesn’t have an incorporated drawer system or a dresser, you can always get storage boxes to put inside the closet. The key here is to actually use the closed option in order to avoid clutter.

Change things up every year

Before the new school year, it’s important to go through your child’s clothes so that you can make sure that old and worn items can be decluttered to make more space for the new pieces. When you look for kids clothes sale, you can get some really good deals which means that there should never be any kind of hoarding and clutter involved. Make sure to involve your kids in this reorganization in a manner that’s appropriate for their age. Of course, the older the kids are, the more essential it is that they know the new organizational system of their closet, and assist you with the declutter and shopping process.

Age-specific tips for closet organization

When you’re still organizing the closet for your baby or toddler, remember that baskets can be very useful and practical. Once they hit preschool age, you should also get a bit more creative with the closet storage. Baskets will become a lot more versatile while you can also make the most out of hanging ropes and even hanging clothes storage that can be added to closet doors. And, if you want the most effective closet organization for your elementary school kid, make it a point to get rid of old clothes they’ve overgrown as well as other unnecessary items kept in the closet. Also, labelling the baskets and containers will become almost essential at this point.

For tweens and teens, creating additional space and order is a must; that said, you might want to introduce more hooks, hanging rods and drawers, utilize the top of the closets for extra box/basket/container storage and maybe even the space under the bed. If there’s enough space in their room, modern coat racks can make a lot of difference, too.

If you want to encourage your kids to be more careful with their closet organization, it’s important that you include them in the process as early as possible. Also, don’t push them into being tidy all the time or reprimand them when they’re messy. This will only frustrate them, especially if you’re dealing with tweens and teens. Instead, always try to show understanding in order to effectively develop the feeling of responsibility and care for their own things and environment.