Cancer Awareness Events 2018

Cancer is one of the major epidemic across the world. The pain that cancer causes is unbearable.

Though there haven’t been ways of eradicating this problem, coming up with ways of dealing with its causes is important. Since creating awareness is one of the best ways to that, many countries have come up with different methods of increasing such awareness. Some of the cancer events in 2018 include:

The national weight week took place from 21st to 28th January.


Was also the national cervical health awareness month.Suits and sneaker week which took place between January and March.




Cancer awareness events that took place in February were world cancer day which took place on 4th coaches vs cancer 3-point college challenge held on first. February was also the American heart month and national cancer prevention month.



HPV awareness was on March fourth while kick butts day was on march 21st. In addition to these, March is also national nutrition month and national colorectal cancer awareness month.


Some of the events that took place to increase cancer awareness in April’s included world health day, national oral head and neck cancer awareness and national minority cancer awareness event. In addition to this testicular cancer awareness even also took place. This month was also national cancer control month and national minority health month.


This month had events such as don’t fry day, coaches’ vs cancer Las Vegas golf classic and melanoma Monday. National women’s checkup day was also another event held on this month.


Coaches vs cancer invitational event was the major event scheduled for this month with regards to cancer awareness. However, this month was also used to remember other health awareness aspects such as men’s health awareness.


This month was UV safety month so the focus was on creating awareness and help concerning this. It was also sarcoma awareness month.


World lung cancer awareness was on the first of this month. In addition, it was also summer sun safety month.



Take a loved one to the doctor day was held on the eighteenth of this month together with several other events meant to create awareness since it was a month meant for different types of cancer. Thyroid cancer awareness, childhood cancer awareness, prostate cancer awareness and blood cancer awareness were some of those events.


Liver cancer awareness and breast cancer awareness were some of the major events. The American cancer society making strides against breast cancer also held their event to provide more information and education about breast cancer. This was also the month for cancer run.


Great American smoke event which takes place every Thursday of this month was a main cancer awareness event. Others were pancreatic cancer awareness, neuroendocrine tumor day, lung cancer awareness together with national family caregiver day.


All these events are according to the American cancer association. Though December doesn’t have any official dates set for creating any type of cancer, it’s still a good month to share information pertaining to such since during this month families gather together for festivities.


Creating awareness remains an important factor in reducing cancer epidemic. With the right information, people can easily know what signs to look for in order to detect cancer early enough to allow room for treatment. This will help increase the number of survivors.