Best Phoenix Suburbs to Live in

Phoenix, the state capital of Arizona, is the best place to reside when you are a family person and looking to relocate with your family. It is said that annually, Phoenix experiences traffic of people looking to change the scenery. What better place to adjust the scenery to like the sunny and tranquil surroundings of the Great Phoenix metropolis.

Furthermore, the residential space in Phoenix is pulling individuals of different age brackets. The scope focused on by Phoenix’s residential properties include millennials, the elderly, working-class setting it apart from other cities in the country as a place to relocate and settle seamlessly.

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Relocating to Phoenix provides you with a tried and tested opportunity to start anew. The charming locality of the city is a great attraction for its cheap and secure housing choices. The security of living in Phoenix is not manifested in physical safety but also intangible protection.

The invisible security is regarding good education infrastructure, consistent economic growth, provision of cutting-edge healthcare infrastructure and transport networks to facilitate the movement of goods and people. This article seeks to examine the best suburbs to live in Phoenix.


Located in east Phoenix is a prime location to relocate to due to its strategic positioning. The neighborhood is located a quarter an hour drive from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Scottsdale enhancing your convenience to and from your day to day activities.

Old homes in this area are being demolished to pave the way for modern residential properties, leaving ranch houses to conserve the native look of the cityscape.

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Arcadia is a suburb frequented by the rich due to high prices of homes and high mortgages. In case you are dying to relocate to this area, and you have a limited financial plan for acquiring a home, there are cheaper properties to fit your project. In this area, the schooling system offers quality education to ensure your child curves a niche for themselves.

It is advisable when buying a property especially, condos for sale in downtown phoenix it is vital to contract the help of a professional. It is essential because properties are thoroughly regulated in these parts of the city.

North Tempe

The area is located next to Arizona State University and consists of older modeled homes on irrigated farms. The area has a good-feel mood with many recreational areas owing to its proximity to Arizona State University. The nightlife is spiced by the presence of classy bars in case you need refreshments.

The area has an assortment of architectural designs comprising of ranches to cottages. The area is experiencing the development of new properties to replace the rugged look of the old cabins. The vicinity also has an education infrastructure for your kids.

North Central Phoenix

The area houses the mansion once owned by the late Arizona Senator John McCain. It signifies the cadre of homes offered in North Central Phoenix. The locale has among the best schools in the greater Phoenix area to ensure your children fit in immediately you relocate. The best schools including Xavier and Brophy are located in this part of Phoenix. There are also good public schools in case of a different preference for where you want your children to study.


This area of Phoenix is reserved for the old deep-pocketed individuals with a taste for vintage types of homes. The residents are also so proud of their neighborhood especially the yearly home reconnaissance event that attracts all and sundry.

In conclusion, Arizona and to be precise Phoenix is the ultimate location for you to consider when deciding places to relocate to because of the quality ambiance Phoenix offers.