6 Tips for Shooting Stunning Silhouettes

Silhouetting is one of the simplest, yet one effective photography technique that one can use when taking photos. The contrast between the bright background and the dark subject is what catches the viewer’s eye and the mystery behind the photo holds their attention even longer by allowing them to create their own stories and while visualizing the connections within the image. In this guide, you will discover the top tips on creating incredible silhouette photos.

1. Shoot towards the Sun

The most critical point when creating Silhouettes in Photography is by making sure that you position the subject with the source of light behind it. Mostly, the best time to create a silhouette is when the sun is low in the sky.


The perfect timing can be when during sunrise or sunset. By positioning your subject with the light source behind it, you are essentially lighting it from behind. Without a light in front of the subject, you will capture the scene with a dark outline against the light background.

2. Hide the Sun

One challenge with shooting into the sun is that it can create a bright or large area that can ruin the photo. Plus, you might have issues with the lens flare. A lens flare can add a creative element to the image that is not desired.

The simplest way to avoid this is to position the sun directly behind the subject. By doing so, you are eliminating the negative effects caused by the sun.

3. Adjust the Exposure Manually

At times, you might find out that the subject does not appear dark enough and the sky is overexposed when shooting a silhouette. In such a case, you can adjust the exposure of the camera manually to darken the image. Focusing the exposure manually will make the entire image darker and allow you to expose the subject properly by reducing the subject to a dark outline or shape.

4. Choose a subject with strong shapes

The most fascinating silhouette photos are the ones that have a strong shape. The silhouette subject should be effortlessly detectable by its unique and distinctive framework against the bright background.


Most people make great silhouettes by paying attention to the outline. Your pose and positioning of the limbs can make a great difference in how the picture turns out. Always ensure you position your limbs well to get the best out of the subject.

5. Be aware of the background

It is essential when shooting a silhouette to be aware of the background behind the subject. If the background is cluttered, the shape of the final subject will not stand out as it should. A silhouette picture will look best when there is a sky behind it. If you are shooting your silhouette outdoors, some cloud creations in the sky can make a vivid milieu for your silhouette.

6. Shoot from a low angle

One of the simplest ways to realize an orderly background is by shooting your silhouette from a low angle. Taking a shot from low down enables you to change the position of the subject relative to the background.

The lower the angle you shoot from, the more sky you will get behind the subject and the better the silhouette. Hence, never be afraid to crouch down on your knees or hold the camera above the ground if need be.