6 Things to Do to Prepare for Winter Weather Conditions

There are a lot of good things to be said about winter – it’s a time of holidays, presents, big movie releases and eggnog by the fireplace. However, it is hard to deny that this fairytale-like picture is largely ruined by the maintenance issues every homeowner has at the first sight of snow. Yeah, if you have not prepared yourself well, these three months will be marked by a rough struggle to keep your household together.

So let’s take a look at a couple of ways you can prepare the house for the incoming drop of temperature so you can enjoy the winter magic when the snow finally falls.

Take care of the pipe networks

Pipes are especially exposed to sudden drops of temperature so you should take care of them first. Start by removing sprinklers and turning the water flow off to the outside areas. The outside faucets need to be completely drained. Next, you should buy a couple of insulating sleeves and protect the exposed pipes that are still used during the winter (basement, kitchen sinks, etc.). Finally, make sure to keep the furniture removed from the walls to allow your heating system to reach inaccessible pipes.

Get an alternative heat source

The most painful thing about keeping yourself warm during winter is that no method is truly infallible. If you own a fireplace, a snowstorm can prevent you from chopping more wood. If you are using electric heat sources, power outages can easily leave you freezing. So, make sure that you always have at least one alternative in stock. Our advice would be to get a power generator (it can be useful for a number of things), learn to use it, and supply yourself with generous amounts of fuel.

Think about your four-wheeler

Having your vehicle stranded because of low temperatures can turn your winter into a living nightmare, and most of the chores as good as impossible. So, make sure your car is in good shape down to the smallest details. For instance, AN fittings sold by T.I Performance should keep all the hoses in place and make sure the coolants are properly distributed. Of course, there are other common winter preparation measures like checking the battery, replacing the fluids, replacing the tires, and assembling a winter emergency kit (blankets, chains, foot warmers,  etc.)

Clean the roof and gutters

Things like debris and moss can help the buildup of ice, completely mess with your shingles, and leave your house damp when the snow finally starts melting. As for the gutters, they should allow the melting ice and snow to quickly find their way to the ground, so be sure to keep them clean and unobstructed. While you are there, give the roof a proper inspection. This is the last opportunity to replace damaged shingles and patch the cracks you’ll get in months – use it wisely.

Properly store the lawn equipment

The coming of winter means you are not going to use your lawn equipment for quite some time. If you don’t find a way to store it properly, it may end up unusable when you need it again. So, as a step one, make sure that all of the saws and lawnmowers are completely empty of fuel. The ethanol you can find in them can damage the fuel lines if unchecked for a prolonged period of time. Second, clean your tools of any kind of debris that could promote the build-up of ice. Finally, do your best to keep the blades sharp and lubricated.

Seal the doors and windows

Last but not least, any kind of gaps or cracks around your windows and doors can make keeping the house warm in the following months incredibly difficult. Giving the frames a quick treatment with caulk and installing weatherstripping is an inexpensive move that can easily remedy this issue and save you a lot of money on heating costs. If you want to go one step further, you can cover the windows with an insulation film, install cellular shades and bind or at least hang a couple of massive curtains.

We hope these few tips will help you successfully prepare yourself for all the hardships that usually turn our winters into a living nightmare. You member when as a kid, you were always thrilled at the first sign of snow? There is no good reason this year should be any different. Be sure to do a thorough preparation and welcome the winter holidays with a big smile.