Secret Life Of A Crime Scene Cleaner

professional crime scene cleanup is one of the careers which you will rarely hear about the market. This is because of the type of mess which those in this field go through. There are a lot of things that crime scene cleaners do not talk about as their secret.

Before desiring to join them, there are simple but serious secrets which makes a more significant part of the life of a crime scene cleaner. Here are some of them:

1. They are not limited to crime scenes

What comes to your mind when you hear about a crime scene cleaner is that they deal with clearing the evidence of a crime scene. It is very accurate that they can appear in a crime scene. However, not all the cases where they are called are not crime related. 30 to 60 percent of the clearing they do is not for crime.


There are cases where they are engaged to assist in taking bodies, say of someone who died but was not noticed in time or the suicidal cases. Most of the cases are domestic and not as a crime as thought by the general public.

2. Their training goes beyond blood

You might think that what people fear when dealing with a crime scene is blood. Well, at first, the crime scene cleaners feel tortured when it comes to blood training.

However, the training goes deeply to more serious stuff like dealing with the odor which comes from rotten bodies. It is at this point when the faint-hearted people get discourages and quite the training. It is, however, for their good to quit than to struggle in something that does not satisfy them.

3. Most death scenes are mind torturing

At times in the cleaning of death scenes, the type of images that one gets exposed to can be mind-blowing. It is more than taking out the body remains of a dead person. At times, when the body is out of murder, you can be sure that you are going to see a lot of blood on the floor and the body parts not joined together.


Collecting the body parts naturally is not a pleasant experience that one can yearn for. However, they are typically taken through recovery training occasionally so that they cannot have massive torture in their minds.