How Far Can Hybrid Cars Go On Electricity?

As hybrid cars continue to gain popularity, their functionality is becoming the main factor among many people. Since these cars have the ability to use both gas and electric motor, they are more efficient. One can switch between the use of their electric aspect and gas depending on what the car is being used for.

For instance, when driving at high speeds, one can use gas since consumption at that rate is usually low. However, when driving at lower speeds or when at a stop light, electricity can be used thereby helping one save.

Apart from efficiency, hybrid cars also have more power than regular cars. This means you can enjoy driving them than you would a regular car.

Hybrid and electric vehicles

Although they are used interchangeably, hybrids are different from other electric cars. Their difference mainly comes from the charging mode with those having a charging outlet being considered electric and those without being considered gasoline vehicles.


The former category is usually classified as plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) and is known to much better for the environment especially the BEV. This is made possible by their ability to produce fewer emissions.

Hybrid vehicles speed

Contrary to popular opinion, hybrid or electric vehicles aren’t too slow. Hybrids, in particular, are faster and more fun drive.

This is because the electric motor always provides more torque quickly which translates to the ability of the car to gain momentum and accelerate faster and smoothly. You can get more info here regarding the general operation of hybrid cars.


Charging hybrid cars is easy as they usually need 240V which is common in most homes as well as other public charging areas. They also take less than 8 hours to fully charge.


Given the combination with gas, such cars can also go longer distances. Most can go up to 100 miles before having to be recharged but most of the time they can go up to 50 miles before they start using gasoline. Their total distance, therefore, depends on the amount of gas available as well as the amount of charge.