Can Impact Windows Prevent Burglary?

When storms or bad weather are on the way, how will you protect your home? When strong winds and flying debris blow into windows, how secure can windows be? storm windows systems are an excellent alternative to conventional shutters.

Our crash protection windows are designed to provide hurricane protection for 24 hours, for both owners and businesses.

Can windows prevent theft?

Windows Impact will not only affect your theft and give you peace of mind, but it will also add beauty and appeal to your home.

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As an alternative to shutters, you do not have to take them and bring them back each time the storm hits. It is built with a closed inner layer between two layers of glass, which makes it difficult to break. A broken window is one of the most common entry points for most thefts. Do not let these thieves have the opportunity to invade your property. It is impossible to break windows that are resistant to shock.

It may cost you to replace the windows again and again after being damaged by a fortune. Our effects window will keep you safe for years due to its excellent durability, making it more practical.

Benefits of the Windows effect

With the increase in electricity bills today, protection windows have become more popular due to their better energy efficiency. Also, they provide 99% UV protection against lightning penetrating your home. With this feature, the color of the furniture, carpets, and floors will remain intact and orderly.


Waking up from outside noise is particularly annoying when you try to recover from the nights you do not sleep. However, you can sleep adequately as long as you want without any hassle through the collision window, as they provide reduced noise. More than that, it comes with a reliable guarantee. Some insurers offer a discount to homeowners and businesses for those who invest in STORM WINDOWS.


It is a window that offers more than just ventilation. You can sleep well even in hectic days and stormy weather.